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Brave New Quilts: 12 Projects Inspired...

• Well-known author and blogger at Whipup.net, Kathreen Ricketson presents 12 quilts inspired by 20th century art movements—from Art Nouveau and Bauhaus to pop and punk• Every art-inspired quilt concept is divided into 4 chapters: Use of Line, Use of Color, Use of Motif, and Use of Text. Each of these chapters contains 3 projects and is generously outlined with illustrations and 2 alternate design options.• Includes expert information on color, fabric selection, inspiration, and mood boardsThis book is a must-have for a reader who’s inspired by modern design and loves to sew. Inside, the reader will find 12 projects derived from 20th-century art movements. To set the context, each project begins with an engaging overview of its historical period....
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ISBN: 1607057190
Publisher: C&T Publishing / Stash Books
Manufacturer: C&T Publishing / Stash Books
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
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