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Heaven Changes Everything: Living Every...

How would you live your life differently today if you knew that no matter what happened, everything would be okay — even wonderful — in the end? Todd and Sonja Burpo’s almost-four-year-old son Colton made an unforgettable trip to heaven and back during the darkest, most-stressed-out days of their lives. Times were tough, money was scarce, and the bills, frustrations, and fears were piled high. The story of Colton’s visit to heaven changed their lives — and the book they wrote about it, Heaven Is for Real, gave new hope to millions. Now, in more than 40 unique inspirational readings based on excerpts from their story, Todd — and, for the first time ever, Sonja — share what happened next in their lives and in the lives of millions of others....
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ISBN: 1613752024
Publisher: Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition
Manufacturer: Oasis Audio; Unabridged edition
Language: English
Format: Audio CD
US Salesrank: 1537010
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