Sat, April 12, 2014

Numbers Book 3: Infinity

The mind-blowing conclusion to the chilling NUMBERS trilogy: Because everyone wants to live forever.No matter what it takes, Sarah's desperate to escape from the numbers.Always numbers. Sarah loves Adam, but can't bear the thought that every time he looks in her eyes, he can see her dying; can see her last day.It's 2029. Two years since the Chaos. Sarah and Adam are struggling to survive. She knows he always envisioned them together "'til death do us part." But will a child come between them? The child she loves. The child he saved.Little Mia was supposed to die that New Year's Day. The numbers don't lie. But somehow she changed her date. Mia's just a baby, oblivious to her special power. But ruthless people are hunting her down, determined to steal her secret....
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy Teens...

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ISBN: 0545350921
Publisher: The Chicken House
Manufacturer: The Chicken House
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 256
US Salesrank: 204411
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