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Composers BOB & BILL (Guy Dubuc, Marc Lessard from TOTEM™) have been brought back with a mission to create a unique, raw sound for Amaluna™ and to surprise by means of the unexpected. They succeeded in evolving the music of Cirque du Soleil® by incorporating heavy rock influences and a vivacious all-girl band. This is by far the edgiest work Cirque du Soleil has done to date; a guitar-oriented electronic anthem.Amaluna marks the first time a Cirque du Soleil show works with an all-female group of musicians. With the strong presence of guitars, the overall sound is resolutely contemporary. Bass, drums, cello, vocals, keyboards, percussion support the guitars in delivering a direct music without embellishment. We wanted to unleash the power in the raw state that artists and musicians bring to the stage, explain BOB & BILL.
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ISBN: 843277057229
Publisher: Cirque Du Soleil
Manufacturer: Cirque Du Soleil
Language: English
Format: Audio CD
US Salesrank: 7555
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