Fri, April 18, 2014

Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

From Stephen Baxter, master of science fiction and national bestselling author of Bronze Summer, comes an all-new Doctor Who adventure… Resilience. Remembrance. Restoration. Whatever the cost. Hurtling through a vortex beyond time and space is a police box that’s not a police box. The TARDIS has carried the Doctor and his companions, Jamie and Zoe, to all sorts of places, but now, when they don’t want to go anywhere, the TARDIS makes a decision for them. Like it or not, they’re coming in for a landing, who knows where or when… The Wheel. A ring of ice and metal turning around a moon of Saturn, home to a mining colony supplying a resource-hungry Earth. It’s a bad place to live—and a worse place to grow up.
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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ISBN: 0425261220
Publisher: Ace Hardcover
Manufacturer: Ace Hardcover
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 320
US Salesrank: 154387
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