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Paris, L.A., and the world of ready to wear fashion provide rich backdrops for Danielle Steel’s deeply involving story of a gifted designer whose talent and drive have brought her everything — except the ability to erase her past and trust relationships. New York. London. Milan. Paris. Fashion Week in all four cities. A month of endless interviews, parties, and unflagging work and attention to detail at the semiannual ready to wear fashion shows — the famous prêt-à-porter. At the center of the storm and avalanche of work is American Timmie O’Neill, whose renowned line, Timmie O, is the embodiment of casual chic, in fashion and for the home. She has created a business that inspires, fills, and consumes her life....
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ISBN: 1423320506
Publisher: Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged
Manufacturer: Brilliance Audio on CD Unabridged
Language: English
Format: Audio CD
US Salesrank: 715578
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