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Winning Strategies for Successful Aging...

For anyone who is approaching a 65th birthday with trepidation, this valuable book offers heartening advice on navigating the later years of life. Dr. Eric Pfeiffer, who for thirty years has cared for—and learned from—elderly people, addresses with compassion and deep understanding the multitude of issues that arise for aging individuals and their families. He writes authoritatively but in a conversational tone. His advice is easy to read, easy to follow, and full of wisdom.In short, practical chapters, Dr. Pfeiffer advises on choosing an ideal place to live, finding a range of satisfying activities, and maintaining an active social life. He also explains how best to maintain one's health, mental health, wealth, and independence.
Categories: Health, Mind & Body

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ISBN: 0300184026
Publisher: Yale University Press
Manufacturer: Yale University Press
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336
US Salesrank: 121720
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