Mon, April 21, 2014

One Gorilla: A Counting Book

Primo primate artist Anthony Browne is at the top of his form with a simple — and simply fascinating — array of creatures for kids to count.What better attention-getter for small children than primates in all their variety? And who better to render them than Anthony Browne? In this elegant counting book, the author-illustrator outdoes himself with a vivid presentation of primates from gorillas to gibbons, macaques to mandrills, ring-tailed lemurs to spider monkeys. With his striking palette, exquisite attention to detail, and quirky flair for facial expressions, Anthony Browne slyly extends the basic number concept into a look at similarities and differences — portraying an extended family we can count ourselves part of. ...
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ISBN: 0763663522
Publisher: Candlewick
Manufacturer: Candlewick
Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 32
US Salesrank: 137619
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